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Gossip & News

26 Jun 19

federico fashion style

FEDERICO FASHION STYLE è stato scelto e gratificato
da La Rinascente di Milano con un CORNER dedicato
Distributore esclusivo per l'Italia è RVM Beauty.

È una CASE HISTORY che sarebbe bello vedere ripetuta
spesso per vivacizzare il mondo dei  Parrucchieri.

Guarda il video !!

26 Jun 19

Lorna Evans


Collection: Evolve
Ph: Carlo Fernandes
Make-up: Masha Eaves
Stylist: Adela Zemonova
Hair Assistant: Sarah Conlon, Dina Ludica
Hair Colour: Michael Gilberto


26 Jun 19

Huub Eysink


Collection: Signature
Ph: Ivo de Kok
Make-up: Joyce Pietrzak
Stylist: Sharon Eysink


25 Jun 19


The big event called MONDIAL SPOTLIGHT made by
INTERCOIFFURE MONDIAL, International Hairdressing Organization,
was a great success with nearly 400 Intercoiffure members
and juniors traveled from all corners of the world.

This year’s event featured a unique mix of time-honored traditions
such as the Chevalerie Awards Ceremony next to fresh inspiration
from the Fondation Guillaume.

The Sunday programme was full of education “look and learns”
from the Intercoiffure Academy curriculum held in the House of Nations.

25 Jun 19

Ivan Rodriguez


The basics are always simple, and in this collection, the hairstylist returns to the essential techniques of hairdressing hand in hand with the main colour techniques using only the three primary colours, an exercise of reencounter with the basic knowledge that is the foundation of the whole.

Collection: Back To Basics
Ph: Jesus Herrera
Make-up: Thessa Peralta
Stylist: Melissa Weeb


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