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COLOREVO OXY - SELECTIVE - Hair Color Developers

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SELECTIVE - Hair Color Developers

oxidizing emulsion

emulsion formulated to achieve impressive results in conjunction with COLOREVO. COLOREVO OXY is also pleasantly perfumed and use coupled with COLOREVO guarantees: the perfect fit of the mixture; coverage of white hair ; maximum gloss and color fastness over time; perfect development of the lightening, reducing the risk of irritation. Available in 4 versions : 10 volumes (3%), 20 volumes (6%), 30 volumes (9%) and 40 volumes (12 %).
Active ingredients: Alpha- bisabolol, the main component of the essential oil obtained from the flowers of chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) with soothing, softening, soothing and anti-reddening.
method of use : to obtain an optimal result with COLOREVO, we recommend you refer to the following chart for choosing the most suitable oxidant according to the result to be achieved. 10 vol. to darken, lighten up to 1 tone or tone -on-tone, 20 vol. for complete coverage of white hair, darker or lighter tones 1-2, 30 vol. for coverage of white hair with lightening 2-3 shades, 40 vol. to lighten 4-5 shades with COLOREVO BLOND, to lighten 4 shades with COLOREVO GLITCH.
box: 1000 ml bottles.